Kathy S.

Love it!!!💚💚💚

This product is fantastic!!!

It’s a must have for your workouts and post workouts especially. It helps by keeping you cool and refreshed. While doing that it also helps with your muscle soreness recovery and endurance. On top of that it has all natural ingredients.

Bradley Sams


The Patriot Cafe has the best products of any site that I have used in the past. I was not always a believer in CBD, but after regular use I have achieved awesome results. My sports activities and regular workouts are never interrupted by pain. Made in America and patriot theme a huge plus.

Kamila J - Hyper Fight Fitness


A must in your medicine cabinet!It is an absolute must at our house and at the fitness studio that we own. I always come back to it, whenever I have any aches or pains, and recommend it to our boxers or bootcampers. Easy to apply, smells great and most importantly effective.

Our Revolutionary CBD Products

Revolutionary History of Hemp

The Benefits of Blending Essential Oils with CBD

The wide range of benefits of CBD Oil are being explored in topicals, skin care and ingestible products and studies are currently underway to ascertain possible benefits.  Essential Oils have been used as natural remedy since the beginning of mankind and deliver important phytocompounds like terpenes with unique therapeutic benefits. When used together discover incredible benefits! 
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